VDI POOL web application

PRO-KLIMA has developed the VDI POOL web application for calculating the required amount of air for dehumidification of the pool area and fast selection of standard air handling unit with integrated automatic regulation for calculated conditions.

With the aim of facilitating the operation of our product range for our clients, we have created a tool with which in just a few moments, by simply entering the parameters, additional pool functionalities and area features, you can get detailed calculations of the required amount of air for pool areas in accordance with guideline VDI 2089-1:2010 (Technische Gebäudeausrüstung von Schwimmbädern), as well as information on the air handling unit designed for specific pool area needs.

By filling out the required fields, the programme automatically selects the basic version, compact pool air handling unit ProkPOOL, or the modular version of POOL air handling unit of nominal flow according to the relevant calculation, while to you, as a registered user, it offers access to the calculation in accordance with VDI guidelines, technical data, Mollier diagram, tender text with product description and device blueprint in DWG format, as well as an option of downloading the complete documentation in ZIP format.

Per basic calculation, directly from the application web page, you can send an inquiry to our sales team who will give you more detailed product information and if necessary, provide additional options for your project.

To test our new VDI Pool application and see why we are one of the leading pool technology manufacturers, you can register to the application listed below or contact our sales team and/or representatives for more information.

We look forward to your comments, inquiries, as well as a facilitated, more successful cooperation.

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