Hygienic air handling units


Clean space ventilation is one of the most demanding areas of the field. Air purity and quality are especially important in situations where even the slightest microclimate change can influence health, for example, in hospitals, operation rooms, lab institutes, pharmaceutical and computer industries etc.

Following world trends and customer needs, PRO-KLIMA formed a team of experts to construct a series of high quality devices compliant with all relevant standards and requirements for the construction, production, montage and maintenance of hygienic air handling units.

Hygienic KG Flex AHUs are constructed in a way to enable easier cleaning, disinfection and better visual control. All materials are unsuitable for microbial growth and development, every sealing is waterproof and predefined channels drain all residual fluids into non-return valves. Every material used inside is resistant to cleaning, disinfection and ware and is specially treated to ensure the consistency and resistance to microbes and microbial growth.

KG Flex AHUs are suitable for indoor or outdoor installation, all powder coated as a factory standard.

KG Flex units are EUROVENT certified and constructed using special components, with air flows up to 80000 m3/h.

PRO-KLIMA hygienic AHUs are fully compliant with all following standards and regulations:

  • HRN EN 1886:2003
  • HRN EN 13053:2004
  • VDI 3803
  • VDI 6022
  • DIN 1946
  • air flows from 800 m3/h up to 110000 m3/h
  • isolation thickness 50 or 60 mm
  • multiple sections
  • horizontal, vertical, stacked or side-by-side execution