For PRO-KLIMA, 2019 was a year of positive change. Along with a number of successfully completed projects, we are happy to announce the completion of our most significant project – the construction of a new business and production hall, complete with 2 floors of office space.

The new building has over 4000 m2 of space designed to complement the existing PRO-KLIMA factory and ensure more adequate storage and production capacities, as well as a significant rise in production volume, while following the latest technology advances and lean production principles.

The new and modern space designed to fuel efficiency, facilitate communication and allow for moments of relaxation nurtures what is key to our culture: cooperation, flexibility and a positive work atmosphere; because motivated employees and satisfied clients are our biggest assets.

The completion of this project is the foundation stone for our growth and productivity, and we believe it will extend its positive influence to the local community through new job vacancies and creating a brighter perspective for the future.

Details of the grand opening and first impressions of the new facilities are in the following video:

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