PRO-KLIMA was founded in 1967 as a workshop by an entrepreneur who, using his devotion and vision and maintaining close employee cooperation, turned it into one of the leading companies of the region within 40 years. Since the very beginning, PRO-KLIMA has been dedicated to quality and professionalism, maintaining a positive atmosphere of intense cooperation and learning among our employees. We are proud of our ambitious business surrounding and of the successful synergy in which both experience and youth efficiently cooperate to find the best way to improve products, services and the company itself to serve the pleasure of our customers both in Croatia and abroad.

Through successfully finishing the project of technological production reconstruction (TOP) and becoming part of a German conglomerate – WOLF group, PRO-KLIMA has become a prominent part of the European market in 2015 and strives to accomplish much more.


1967 Founded as a workshop
1993 Transformed into a limited liability company
2003 Certified quality (ISO 9001:2000)
2004 AirCalc++ introduction
2005 Certified compliance with DIN 1946-4, VDI 6022, EN  13053
2006 New factory in Samobor, Croatia
2008 CE marking
New powder coating production line
2010 The new „Prok“ generation of energy efficient devices
2011 EUROVENT certificate
2013 ÖNORM 6020 certificate and new CE compliance mark
2015 WOLF GmbH – PRO-KLIMA takeover

We are a world oriented company which successfully follows all leading trends and innovations and possesses superior technological knowledge. We aim to always be of service to designers, installers, buyers and all who deal with ventilation and air handling professionally, by offering innovative ideas and finding solutions for even the most demanding projects.

And remember…We are here for you, so feel free to contact us, ask for a catalogue, professional advice, opinion, recommendation or help. We will gladly help you and recommend an optimal solution to fit the needs of buyers, installers, investors and everyone else involved.