Hygienic KG Flex

ADVANTAGESTYPES AND SIZESADVANTAGES Hygienic KG Flex AHUs are constructed in a way to enable easier cleaning, disinfection and better visual control. All materials are unsuitable for microbial growth and development, every sealing is waterproof and predefined channels drain all residual fluids into non-return valves. Every material used inside is resistant to cleaning, disinfection and ware ... Read more


KG FLEXKG FLEX Maximum air flow rates Highly individual solutions for performance up to 350,000 m³/h. Unlimited variety Variable cross-sections and a dif ferent cube sizes - entirely flexible in terms of size and shape. Highest quality standards Casing and appliance properties to the highest quality standards. Hygiene experts State-of-the-art hygiene solutions fully VDI 6022-compliant. Universally ... Read more

KG Flex Pool

ADVANTAGESTYPES AND SIZESADVANTAGES KG Flex Pool modular pool air handling units are highly adaptable thanks to many different sizes, configurations, options and a possibility of indoor or outdoor installation. They contain state-of-the-art technology and components with special protection like polypropylene plate heat exchangers, copper coils and other elements highly resistant to corrosion, they are also ... Read more

VDI POOL web application

VDI-POOLVDI-POOL In an effort to ease your business process and introduce you to our pool technology, we have developed a web application that enables you to get basic calculations in just a few moments. Assisted by this app, you can quickly and easily demonstrate the possibilities of next-generation PRO-KLIMA products to your clients and associates. ... Read more

KG Flex kompakt 20GC/30GC

ADVANTAGESTYPES AND SIZESADVANTAGES 20GC/30GC compact pool air handling units are an ideal solution for houses or smaller hotels with indoor pools. State-of-the-art technology and construction with an integrated heat pump and high resistance to corrosion, along with the unique polypropylene plate heat exchanger and special protection are a guarantee of functionality for these fully automated, ... Read more