Regenerative air handling units

ProkFULL regenerative air handling units with highly sensitive accumulation mass are a perfect solution for hotels, shopping centres, industrial, production and other spaces with high fresh air demands. High heat recovery rates (up to 90%) make it possible to avoid extra heating during winter periods, while noticeable energy savings are achieved during summer through reusing the cold air.


ProkFULL devices are ideal for adaptations or additional work on ventilation systems. They contain two heat packages with highly sensitive accumulation mass through which fresh and extract air alternatingly  flow.  Modular design in different sizes in combination with two possible regenerator section executions allow these devices to adapt into planned space limits.

The accumulation mass has an extraordinary  heat transfer capacity. A damper system surrounds the heat packages and alternates air flows to achieve maximum efficiency. The system is driven by a motor drive regulated through an automatic regulation system.

 Depending on the heat load, the damper system modifies air flows over the accumulation mass filled heat packages. Thanks to alternating air flows, the heat from the extract air is almost completely transferred to cold fresh/supply air. A big part of air moisture is also regenerated into the supply air.

Accumulation heat packages have a heat recovery ratio higher than 90% which makes the ProkFULL regenerative air handling unit one of most efficient air handling unit types available on the market.

During summer, the automatic regulation system adapts air flows and ensures a reversed heat transfer from extract to supply air. During transition periods, the regulation system adapts to „free cooling“ mode through time delay. An additional heater (on demand), along with digitally run scroll compressors, ensure all needed parameters are successfully achieved in all operation modes. 


  • built according to specific projects, horizontal or stacked
  • air flows from 1000m3/h up to 35000m3/h
  • EUROVENT certified profiles
  • regenerator section with advanced high efficiency accumulation mass for heat and moisture transfer
  • integrated control cabinet
  • high quality components
  • heat recovery up to 90%
  • moisture recovery up to 70%
  • fast return on investment - less than 3 years
  • energy class A
  • fast and efficient handling of large amounts of air
  • eliminated need for preheating - smaller investment and space savings
  • energy consumption significantly lowered through higher efficiency and eliminating unnecessary additional elements
  • integrated control cabinet with full automatic regulation - no additional wiring
  • simple, fast and cheap installation

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