Adiabatic Cooling AHU

Air handling units with an integrated adiabatic cooling system are an ideal solution for achieving perfect, healthy and comfortable conditions in closed, highly populated spaces requiring air conditioning like shopping centres, restaurants, conference halls, sports halls, offices, production halls, kitchens or theatres.


Nowadays people spend a lot of time in closed spaces which makes healthy and comfortable environment an essential condition for our health. A string of negative influences create a risk for our health – allergens, moisture, temperature changes, filth, bad odors, bacteria, viruses etc. which is why fast air exchange and good filtering are so important.

Standard ventilation systems use up a lot of excess energy to move large amounts of air. PRO-KLIMA´s ProkCOOL units with an integrated adiabatic cooling system guarantee excellent conditions in closed spaces while saving energy by applying innovative „smart“ cooling methods and air conditioning. Lowering the amount of cooling agents through using the energy and potential of water evaporation is both environmentally friendly and energetically efficient.

Using this cooling method can eliminate the need for additional cooling as a method for compensating the temperature difference caused by ventilation. During transitional periods the „free cooling“ regime is enabled. All this significantly lowers the operational and maintenance costs and ensures a quick investment return.

  • operating mode adapted to outdoor conditions
  • more than 40% of the cooling effects comes from indirect adiabatic cooling
  • air filtration in all operating modes
  • heat pumps with environmentally acceptable R410A gas
  • digital scroll compressors and continuous cooling effect regulation
  • significantly lower energy consumption compared to all other cooling systems
  • project adaptable
  • air flows from 1000 up to 29000 m3/h
  • EUROVENT certified
  • integrated compressor cooling circuit
  • integrated control cabinet with full automatic regulation
  • double heat exchanger, two step heat recovery
  • integrated adiabatic cooling system through water evaporation
  • 4 operating modes adaptable to external conditions

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