Modular Air Handling Units

A broad spectrum of functions available for the modular PRO-KLIMA range makes the KU-M and KEK-M modular units an ideal choice for diverse and complex projects. Through combining different functional sections, modular units can be used for a variety of appliances from simple air exchange to complete air handling and heat recycling in special executions like hygienic or anti-explosive units or units specifically made for industrial purposes.

A wide variety of additional functions and possibilities, indoor or outdoor execution along with four different configurations are the reasons why KU-M and KEK-M units are a unique operational system composed of a grouped line of elements, adaptable to any project while making the most of space, energy and meeting all specific project needs.

Modularna Klima Komora - KU M i KEK M

Standard and special executions of KU-M and KEK-M  units offer unlimited possibilities of element construction and functional composition. With air flows up to 190000 m3/h they are suitable for a variety of applications and deliver quality and efficiency in air handling for larger spaces.

All inner surfaces are completely sleek to reduce air resistance to the bare minimum and to simplify maintenance and cleaning. All sealing is completely waterproof and airtight, and the tested construction as well as the quality of all built-in materials and equipment maintain the noise well below the advised noise limits.

Outdoor executions are built with an additional roof, heightened base frame and weather resistant dampers to withstand specific weather conditions and atmospheric influences and are powder coated as a standard. On customer demand, the profiles and panels are available in a full RAL scale.

KEK-M modular air handling units are EUROVENT certified and created with special components, compliant with EN 1886 and EN 13053 standards, with air flows up to 80000 m3/h.

KU and KEK modular air handling units can also be built with a high protection level and special components in anti-explosive ATEX executions, hygienic executions, and executions for purposes of high contaminated air extraction, extraction of air contaminated with fumes and odors or explosive gases.

  • sizes from KU-M1 up to KU-M24, KEK-M1 to KEK-M17
  • air flow range up to 190000 m3/h
  • isolation thickness 25, 50 or 60mm
  • indoor or outdoor execution
  • multiple sections
  • horizontal, vertical, stacked or side-by-side execution
  • special hygienic, anti-explosive and other executions for special appliances